7 things that are rarely known when forming a six-pack stomach

In addition to the large biceps muscles and thick chest muscles, a six-pack stomach is the goal of people coming to the gym.

Apart from because the body looks more ideal, a six-pack is a symbol of the success of your hard work.

Everybody knows to get a six-pack stomach needs proper exercise and diet.

But there are still some things that seem to be rarely known by many people about forming a six-pack stomach.

Here are 7 things that are rarely known about forming a six-pack stomach.

1. The ideal time to train the abdominal muscles

time-to-trainMany say that to get a six-pack stomach, you have to train your abdominal muscles every day.

Of course, this is wrong.

Like other muscle groups, the abdominal muscles also need recovery after experiencing tearing due to weight training.

Training it every day will only inhibit recovery and eventually, the abdominal muscles don’t form.

In addition, the abdominal muscles are also indirectly involved in several movements that train other muscle groups, such as deadlift movements, squats, and some other balance exercises.

Ideally, the abdominal muscles are trained directly 2 times a week.

Make sure the movement hits the spina erectus and serratus muscles because the lower back is also an important body part.

2. Abdominal exercises will not remove fat in the stomach

cant-lose-belly-fatPeople come to the gym and do abdominal exercise with the hope that afterward belly fat will disappear.

Of course, this is not true, because when you do the exercise movement, the body will burn fat from all parts of the body, not just one body part.

Exercising the stomach is very good for the body’s functional strength and improving posture. But that does not mean abdominal exercises can shrink your waist.

3. Abdominal muscles can be seen when your body fat percentage is only 10%

How hard and often you practice, you will not see the results of your hard work if your stomach is still covered with visceral fat, which is fat like a gel that is not visible and stored in your abdominal organs.

How dry your body is to be able to see the abdominal muscles, depending on certain degrees and physiological genetics.

Distribution of mother’s body to each person is different. If you and your friends’ fat percentage is the same, it doesn’t mean that your abs will be as much as your friends.

In general, your six-pack will be seen if your body fat percentage is only 10%.

4. Six-pack stomach means the body’s functional fitness

Having a slim body and six-pack stomach is indeed synonymous with health because of course, the person is very dedicated to the diet and fitness center.

But there are also those who get a six-pack through a combination of low calories and too much cardio.

Six-pack is a combination of two things, namely strong abdominal muscles and low body fat. The tip is to find a healthy balance between the two.

So your goal in forming a six-pack stomach is a functional body fitness, not a carved stomach.

If you get the first one, you will also get the second one.

5. Anyone can have a six-pack stomach

anyone-can-have-a-six-pack-stomachEveryone is born with a flat stomach. But because of an unhealthy lifestyle and lack of exercise, of course, the abdominal muscles will be covered with a layer of fat.

Actually, anyone who consistently wants to work hard to practice and eat clean can have a six-pack abdominal muscle.

But some people have only four-pack abdominal muscles, eight-packs, ten-packs. Everything is formed based on genetics.

6. Doing abdominal exercises do not make your waist smaller

If your waist is covered in fat, abdominal training and eating clean can make your waist smaller (because of the fat burns).

But when you already have a little fat, your waist will not shrink, otherwise, it may even enlarge.

Like other muscle groups, if trained with weight, the abdominal muscles will become bigger and stronger.

This will certainly make your waist look thick (thick) by the definition of muscle that is there, especially if you train the stomach side.

7. Wearing a corset does not make your stomach small

If you think wearing a corset can make your stomach smaller, of course, you are wrong.

Corsets are just accessories, not magic objects that can instantly shape your body.

Maybe when you wear it you will look slim, but only when wearing it. For that, you still have to diet and practice.

If you rely on a corset that shrinks the stomach, not exercise to lose weight, you will only get weak muscles.

Rebecca Milani

Rebecca Milani is a freelance author of fitness that aiding people to share knowledge on diet, training, and supplements for a much better life. With a life of writing and also years in the fitness occupation, She is an ideal combination of knowledge and the capacity to turn that expertise right into an interesting article for the reader's advantage.