21 causes of cravings reappear after breakfast that you must recognize

Had breakfast, but how fast hungry again huh? Ever feel the same way?

Predictably, most of you have felt it. As a result, you snack this and the numbers on the scales jumped instantly because of the ‘hungry habits.’

Have eaten but still feel hungry, if this is what you experience, try self-introspection. The experts agree the biggest factor causing uncontrolled appetite is the variety of daily habits.

Mistake at breakfast, so you feel hungry again

“One of the most common mistakes is the breakfast menu is not enough protein and fat, while many carbohydrates,” said nutritionist Stephanie Dunne, RD, quoted from Prevention.

Including if you feel have a healthy breakfast with wheat or fruit smoothie or if you do not add a little protein menu then according to Dunne you are potentially hungry again.

“Also if you like breakfast with bread and fruit jam, you should still add the fat and protein menu to slow down carbohydrate digestion and absorption of glucose, so that blood sugar does not rise fast,” said Dunne.

He suggests you can improve it by eating whole grain bread. Swap fruit jam which is usually high in sugar with peanut butter. If you want to add sweetness, add a few slices of strawberries or other fresh fruit.

“Avoid adding too much sugar, syrup or honey. Instead, you can add nuts as a protein and healthy fat menu, and you can eat boiled eggs,” Dunne said.

21 causes of hunger reappear after breakfast that you should know

The cause of hunger is not known to many people because they do not know where the flavor comes.

What they find out when they are hungry they should get food or eat food so that the hunger will soon leave their stomach.

Hunger should not ignore because hunger left for hours will disrupt their activities.

We must know what can cause the body to become hungry. Because for those of you who are trying to diet, of course, the reason for this hunger should be known.

By understanding the cause of hunger expected we can control the desire to eat so that weight can monitor accurately.

Here are 21 hunger causes we should know:

1. Not getting enough sleep

When the body is tired and not getting enough sleep, the body will lack energy, and leptin – a hormone that controls appetite, increases dramatically.

According to Karen Ansel, RD, an American dietitian, as quoted from Woman’s day, this hormone then makes the mind so quickly hungry.

The body is already full enough, but the mind never feels full. As a result, because the mind has not ordered to stop eating, then we will look for a snack or food that makes us feel full.

2. Drug side effects

Some of the medicines you consume have hungry side effects. The drug will trigger hunger more quickly coming, such as antibiotics drugs, cold medicine, acne medication and some other drugs.

Nutritionist Milton Stokes, RD recommends that you chew gum or brush your teeth after taking medicine, so you do not overeat because ‘think is still hungry’.

3. Thirst or dehydration

Sometimes we are wrong to interpret what is needed by the body. Especially if we are people, who do not like drinking water. Our bodies are thirsty, but we mean ‘still hungry’, as a result, we will eat… eat… and eat again.

4. Just exercise

Usually, after exercising hard enough, you will feel hungry. This situation is natural because the body has just burned calories. However, as fitness trainers suggest, try not to eat right after practice, even if you feel starving. At least, if you want to eat, do 2 hours after exercise, and keep your food menu in mind.

5. Too rushed

Eating too hastily will make you hungry fast. Digestion takes a long enough process to absorb all the nutrients, so it’s wise to chew 30 times and enjoy every meal you have for the nutrients to be absorbed by the body to the fullest.

6. Environment

Because of friends next to snacking, you are tempted to follow-up snacking. This is what often happens in your environment. Especially if you are a day office worker sitting at the table and in charge of completing the work from behind the desk only.

It is conceivable, if there are always jars of sweets or cakes on the table, under the pretext of banishing boredom.

7. Stress

Indeed not everyone who is in a state of stress, easy to feel hungry. But most people confess during stress, and they want to eat again and again to vent their irritation and the pressure inside them.

8. Smell the food

Curious why most bakeries created with open kitchen style? Especially if not to let the delicacy of bread spread elsewhere, so those passing in front of him are tempted to buy the food they sell.

And indeed the smell is very easy to affect hunger. Make you the one who has already eaten a bowl full of noodles, buy a tempting loaf and let it fill your stomach.

9. Too much alcohol

Alcohol makes the body dehydrated, and unfortunately, it is dehydrated we translate as hunger. As a result, you also eat with passion. And the ups… yeah, the jackpot was spared no more.

Always remember, if you ran out of the party and drank enough alcohol, drink mineral water to relieve dehydration in the body.

10. Want to snack

Yes, each person has a habit of wanting to snack. But unfortunately, many people choose unhealthy snacks that contain too many calories. The result is certainly not good for the body. And highly recommended, if you have a habit of snacking, choose a healthy snack, or at least enough with fruit, ice cream or yogurt.

11. Hostile with vegetables and fruit

Nutritionists agree that we should consume at least five servings of mixed vegetables and fruits daily. In addition to many vitamins and minerals, vegetables and fruits are also rich in fiber that can make you full longer.

That is why people who like to eat more vegetables and fruits can control their appetite rather than individuals who do not like.

12. Eat while reading or watching

Susan Albers Psy.D, dietary psychologist and body image of the Cleveland Clinic Family Health Center always stresses mindful eating to his patients.

Mindful eating is a way of eating with a mind focused only on what eaten. Alias when eating does not do something else like reading or watching TV.

Research Harvard School of Public Health found, people who like to eat while watching or reading, tend to uncontrolled appetite. It happens because the brain does not focus on food, so the brain receives the slow satiety signal.

13. Less recreation

Holiday with the diet turned out to have a close relationship. Still says Susan Albers, almost everyday people faced with problems and stress. Stress can trigger appetite.

“When depressed, usually someone will look for an outlet or a means to expel negative emotions. Usually, the outlet is in the form of food. The more often the stress, the more often eat, “explained Susan.

14. Hobby snacking candy

Just like soft drinks and packaged snacks, candy also contains lots of sugar. Consider in its combination, a pack of chocolate candies includes a total of 250 calories, with 188 calories derived from sugar content.

The amount of 250 calories is equal to about three-quarters of a plate of rice. Therefore, if you are on a diet, do not underestimate candy even if the shape is small.

15. Eat using a large plate

“Ah, the plate is still empty.” Or “Well, the food is very low.” That’s what you think when dining with a large plate. In fact, on the plate that there is a portion of rice or vegetables.

Just imagine if all the dishes placed on a smaller plate, it would be full. Large plates will encourage you to eat more than small meals.

16. Love the sour drinks

Indeed, acid drinks can be refreshing. Especially if served cold and enjoyed when the air is hot. However, still according to site, fermented drinks can also increase appetite.

In the fruits of acid, there are substances attract acid, malate, succinate, and acetate that serves to promote digestion and improve blood circulation. When digestion and blood circulation smoothly, the desire to eat will be better.

17. Lack of sleep

The less you sleep, the more likely you are to become fatter. Yes, fatigue will make the body charge more energy than food. The Mayo Clinic research evidences it in Rochester, Minnesota.

In this study proved that sleep-deprived volunteers consume extra food as much as 500 calories per day.

18. Too much coffee

When you drink too much coffee, it stimulates your body’s desire for higher calories and sugar. The body gets this need fulfilled through eating rice, potatoes, fruit, bread, and candy.

These foods are rich in carbohydrates. Not only that, excessive caffeine can make you restless and stressed. This voltage sometimes causes overeating for comfort.

19. Too much sugar consumption

Sugars or sweeteners, whether natural or artificial, allegedly can trigger your body to hoard excess calories and increase appetite.

Why is that? It is because of our body and brain like the sweet taste, especially when it is in a state of depression. The more sugar you consume, the more your brain will bill, and the harder you control the urge to continue chewing.

20. Fanatic with peppermint scent

Eastern cultures believe, certain scents can be used to improve appetite. Two of them are the smell of peppermint and ginger.

That is why these two ingredients are often used by aromatherapy therapists to help restore the stamina of people who are recovering from illness.

So, if you like these two types of fragrances but are running a diet program, try to use other types of scents such as Lavender or Bergamot. Lavender and Bergamot have a calming effect and help control appetite.

21. Menstruation

Generally during or will menstruate, women will experience increased appetite. In this condition, you should balance your blood sugar levels by eating protein-based foods, such as fish, meat, eggs, nuts, and seeds.

Do not forget to avoid foods with the content of refined sugar and carbohydrates.

Tips to prevent hunger reappear after breakfast

Here are tips nutritionists to avoid hunger back after breakfast

The body needs food as a source of energy. However, often our appetites are difficult to control.

Stress, low nutrient intake, or fatigue can be one of the factors that make you hungry quickly.

In fact, excessive food consumption will be harmful to the body. Obesity, high blood pressure, or even a heart attack can approach if we do not apply a healthy diet.

So, how can we control our appetite or hunger?

1. Calculate the fruit consumed

Smoothie is a favorite lunch menu because it easily made and eaten in the morning. Also, the provision of vitamins and antioxidants in the fruit is believed to have a positive impact on health.

But, when consumed in excess, natural sugar can also trigger a rise in blood sugar and make your stomach feel hungry fast.

Yogurt with flavor, fruit juice and sweetener added to your smoothie also can not help your blood sugar condition. To avoid it, mix smoothies with fibrous vegetables.

2. Avoid gluten-free foods

Whether because of following gluten trends or allergies, you replace the usual waffles and pancakes with a gluten free version. This product almost always contains more carbohydrates than originally derived from wheat.

Rice, corn or potatoes in gluten-free products go down very quickly in the digestive tract. The faster the body digests the breakfast, the sooner you feel hungry.

3. Do not choose jam for bread

Some people prefer to use jam for a mixture of food because it tastes delicious and practical. But, jam and bread can not make your stomach full.

Fats and proteins slow down carbohydrate digestion and absorption of glucose from ingested carbohydrates, so you do not get a lot of blood sugar.

4. Reduce the mixture of yogurt and various sweet topping

When making waffles or pancakes, you may prefer to add maple or honey syrup yogurt and extra dried fruit. These two ingredients can change your protein breakfast menu into a bowl of sugar bombs. You can replace the toppings with a variety of nuts, peanut butter or sweet coconut shavings to provide additional fat and healthy protein in your breakfast menu.

5. Reduce sugar in your coffee

If you brew coffee with an extra spoon of sugar, this can make your morning go down, and your stomach is easily hungry. Coffee with sugar-free type can also cause blood sugar imbalance. So, get used to drinking black coffee or just with cream only. You can add stevia sweeteners from plants.

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